Connection Conference

    • As a Leadership advancement Scholar Cohort program we attended the 2014 Leadership Conference. Within the conference we attended multiple sessions on different areas of leadership. I expected to learn about how to be a better leader, which we did but not in as point blanc way as I thought. We were given tools for us to take in as much depth as we chose to enhance our leadership as much as we chose. One of the most memorable sessions I attended was one which I was to make my mission statement, which started with identifying our objective then, making goals, long term and short term. Throughout the conference I learned that the better you know yourself the better you can lead. Than as a leader you can never stop moving forward. You always need to be reinventing yourself, always learning new things, and impacting lives. Right after the Leadership Connections Conference I put what I had learned to test I put the goals I set in place into action and holding myself to the mission statement. All which included to always reinvent myself and always learn more as a leader.

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