Mentor Mentee Retreat 2014

The mentor mentee retreat at Eagle village was an experience that was nothing what I was expecting, but turned out to be an experience that was life changing. Building a relationship with a mentor is something I have never done before. With everyone saying that you are going to be best friends and they will always be for you and so on and so forth made be nervous. Going to the retreat gave us the opportunity not only to become closer as friends, but learn about each other on a deeper level. Build the trust and understand that make our relationships special. I was blessed with an amazing mentor Seve Moralaz, we are two very different people and have different perspectives on life, but yet are very similar. Our relationship grew stronger through the retreat. Beside the relationship with my mentor, relationships between my fellow cohort and their mentors grew. We had the opportunity to be in groups with other mentors and their mentees while working through leadership activities. That being one of the first experiences working with so many very strong leaders and being able to work with them and take in their perspectives were eye opening and rewarding. As it was happening could feel myself taking mental notes on what kind of leader I want to be. I learned so much about myself as a leader. I learned my strengths, as well as my weaknesses and how to harness those to become the leader I want to be.


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