PSY 100L Reflection

Going into PSY 100L I thought I knew all what to expect. I took psychology in high school and I really enjoyed the material and the thought provoking concepts and theories. I went through it pretty easily. In college I was quick to find out that things were obviously very different, faster pace, topics in much more depth, and had to memorize way more than in high school. It was a rocky start with all that being asked and trying to get a hang of things. Dr. Prewitt also asked us to put all these concepts in terms of leadership, which brought the in depth thoughts to another level. At the start it was hard to find the connection on how these concepts could help impact my leadership. Even though the beginning was rocky it all slowly tied itself together. The pace became normal and the depth of the conversations were able to be grasped a lot easier. About half way through the semester I was able to apply some of the concepts of how to better myself as a leader. The class as a whole was eye opening and not only by the amazing ways of the human brain, but the ability to better understand yourself and the emotions and aneurisms we deal with everyday, leader or not. Knowing that information and how it works, gives us the ability to understand more about how people may react, and the knowledge to have more awareness as they are going through situations, giving us the ability to better lead them. At the end of the semester we were required to write a 15 page paper on certain concepts of psychology and how they connect to leadership. Yes, I knew that we were taking this class for a reason and started to apply the concepts to my everyday leadership, but not until writing that paper did everything for the first day of class tie together. It resonated with me that I learned so much about not only leadership, but what kind of leader I want to be and what kinds of things will help and hinder me to getting there. Through the ups and downs of the course it ended on a positive note really inspiring me to be the best leader I can be.


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