Debate Reflection

Within the course, along with many interesting, helpful components some points in the semester the classes didn’t seem to flow and got very choppy. I had a hard time seeing where you were going with the lessons. By that I mean they didn’t seem relevant to what I thought we were supposed to be talking about. I didn’t start feeling that way until the middle of the semester. The beginning was fine just learning the history and the background information, but in the middle I lost the direction, until getting to the debates which I was able to see the relevance and the flow came more apparent. Along with the debates, I would have really appreciated if we took a day to quick like practice runs, like mock debates. Having volunteers come up and do a mock of what will be happening. With the debates and getting prepared I felt like I was running in the dark. We had the information to prepare us sufficiently but didn’t feel fully prepared which I believe a practice run just quickly acting through it would have helped greatly!
There is a lot more to debates than I knew. A lot of preparation and research as well as getting in tune with your public speaking confidence. This class prepared me fully to gather the information and find a direction to persuade my audience. Learning about ethos logos and pathos to start our knowledge working through to creditability. Learning about how to debate will be very beneficial in the rest of our lives. Many people it is very hard to get up in front of a group of people and give a presentation not only putting yourself on the line with a debate. I have never taken part in any sort of debate before this class. So going into the debates I was very nervous, I learned that I had to be very prepared and learned to talk on my toes and to trust my preparation. Which are all skills that will help me in my future career in public relations, but weren’t quite all there at the beginning of the semester. The most surprising thing to me about learning and doing debates was the fact there were different types and styles of debating. Different ways to have essentially a conversation and persuade them to believe what you believe, get on your side. Whether it be cross examining, or going through the stock issues they were all components that I had no idea where apart of debates. I thought all you had to do was go up and talk, or even yell at each other. All in all the benefits I gained for debating in class was being able to learn to be more confident in myself. Being able to debate gives people the opportunity to learn to step out of their box, and to be confident with their words which is essential to be successful in this day and age.
Throughout this course there were many lessons that I could see would be very relevant to my future career and life in general. Learning how to look for creditability and how to be a critical thinker is an extremely valuable skill. On top of that being able to look into a debate, even if it isn’t a formal debate, for example debated societal conversation and be able to understand to look at both sides, which is an attribute that is very helpful to have in life when having to make decisions potentially voting for our next president, not just deciding on which tie you like better. All of those lesson were topics that are not only helpful, but were interesting. For instance when we watched the movie on steroids in society is when I really learned to open my mind to both sides of the story and started to form my own opinion which is important when being a contributor to society.


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