Oprah, a Strong Women Leader

To be asked the questions to select a leader, many different people go through my mind, but not on the big scale of national or state level. For that I had to think. I wanted to select someone who really has inspired me in my life. I though of Oprah Winfery, I remember coming home from school and sitting at my grandparents kitchen table and watching Oprah with. All I could ever think was “Dang, how does she have all this money and not want to spend it on toys”, “she just gives it away.” That she did, every show, event, appearance, she tried to extend her hand whether it be money service or advice. She does it all to help others in need. To me, that is a characteristic of a good leader. The ability to be selfless. She understood her strengths and put it towards her passion: helping others. At the ripe young age of an elementary kid I didn’t understand. A women like that who holds their past in her heart and let it in turn make her more humble and driven. She used something that could destroy her as something to motivate, and to inspire her. Her doing so inspired not just the African American population, but men and women from all ages and backgrounds. She inspires everyone by making her leadership qualities desirable. Qualities that everyone wants to have. Showing everyone the difference you can make by lending a helping hand, and giving back. The qualities of her leadership I admire the most is her emotional intelligence, relatability, humanist efforts, and her unwavering inspiration. Like everyone else Oprah Winfery has made her leadership qualities desirable for me to strive to obtain. She is a strong women leader to model my ideal leadership style on.


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