The Circus Is Coming to Town


The Circus Is Coming to Town

Seth Godin points out a fact that many miss. All to often people sit and wait for something good to happen to them. Oh I’ll get that promotion soon enough, it’ll come to me, or “oh I’m a leader” but you sit and wait for it to happen.  That won’t work people. Maybe it’ll happen but your chances are slim. Godin makes this statement by putting it in the analogy of a circus. as Godin says “the circus doesn’t work that way. They don’t wait to be called. They show up. They show up and sell tickets.”

To me that points straight to the message. Don’t sit on your butt and wait for things to happen. Have forward motion, seek out those opportunities, make the opportunities for yourself. Be proactive, go to the company and shake the managers hand, go get that gig. Put yourself in the situation to learn to be a better leader. Without forward movement whether in the perspective of a leader, or just your everyday life.  Another quote by Godin “are you willing to go out on a limb and book the circus? If you are, we’ll come to town.” I you go after your goal and do all you can to book that circus, your goals will be 100% more achievable.

For myself personally and talking on behalf of college students. The ability to make your own opportunities to get where you want and not just sit and wait for them to happen, separates the successful from the unsuccessful. The leadership Institute at Central Michigan University is a center that is there to help students learn to make, or find opportunities to help us learn to  “book the circus”. It pushes and teaches us that to get where you want to go you always have to keep moving forward. To be a better leader we have to go after those opportunities like for myself K12 facilitations, Campus Ambassador ect., or even that extra book . Seeking out those opportunities not sitting and waiting for them to come to me has opened many doors for myself currently, but will only help me in the future.

If I could give students a piece of advice: find that inlet whether it be the LI, your RA, advisor, or professor to help you initiate that forward movement if you’re stuck. Sometimes you need someone to help you walk out onto that first limb. I did , and once I walked out on the limb once and book my first circus it was a never ending sprint of forward motion from there.

I challenge you all to take Seth Godins advice and to “book your circus” I believe in you!



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