HST 110: The American Experience

HST 110 1

HST 110 has been an experience in itself. I can honestly say I am by no means a history junky. I appreciate history but it can be hard for me to grasp and every time it has been taught to me it is super dry and boring. HST 110 with Catherine Tobin was partially the same but it also pushed me to learn important times in history by myself. We also did many response papers on specific times we talked about it class and she also supplemented with a movie. We had to watch the movie, take a part of it and form a question. Naturally, usually my questions were leadership based. “Where they and effective leader, why or why not.” Looking deeper into some huge leaders in our past and forming my own opinion on if I thought they were effective leaders was very eye opening.HST 110 1 I started to put it in context of myself and if I was being effective. I asked myself what attribute was I bringing to the table and how can I harness those to be effective. Abraham Lincoln and I both share the value of relationship, I would recognize that and think about how he used it. Knowing those things helped me grow as a leader.HST 110 5

So taking the lesson which were taught and analyzing a historical leader and their strengths and weaknesses I was able to analyze myself. I would find similarities and differences between myself and these historical figures and decide if we shared characteristics, if there were characteristics I wanted to strive to have. A huge characteristic that many of the leaders we did response papers on either struggled with or did successfully was their ability to recognize their strengths.HST 110 3 They would recognize or not recognize their strengths and use them to get the preferred outcome. Some were aware if they didn’t obtain a strength needed that they would reach out to someone with that strengths. That is a lesson that really resonated with me. I am now as a leader working to recognize my own strengths and weaknesses. So I will be able to more effectively reach out for help when needed and not take it all onto myself which will help me to be a better leader on CMU’s campus and in life.

HST 110 6 HST 110 4


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