Grad Ball Lead Team

grad ball 7

I was a part of the Grad Ball lead team. From being a part of this lead team the main lesson in leadership I took away was working as a team and splitting up responsibilities to reach the goal. Grad ball coming around during one of the busier times of the year there was a lot to get done in a shorter period of time. So the first meeting everyone came together and we made committees dividing up the responsibility. We easily played off of our strengths taking responsibilities accordingly. It was a very smooth process. I took on the task to work on the photo booth and I had a couple other people help me with that.grad ball 2015 3 Grad ball 2015 1 Separately we set up a meeting time with the Grad Ball Lead Team coordinator to talk about our ideas and to make sure we were on track. As a leader I grew from being pushed to head a project within a project and delegate the work. It was a new experience and helped me learn to be a leader in a new situation—as a middle man. With this lead team I learned to not only delegate work with communication to the coordinator and with the people helping me out. So with that experience it not only reassured me that I want to work with event management but it gave me the experience of working in a different position within an event

.grad ball 10


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