Knowledge and experience is Power, and lots of FUN!!!

Class again was today was very informative. We gave our presentations on the landscape of Pienza and Montipulciano. Then we talked about slow foods which is essentially a brand that protects endangered foods, which contributes to the art of taste (the philosophy to preserve and protect their product). Like wines that are I.G.T (Typical geographical identification), I.G.P (Protected geographical identification), D.O.C (controlled denomination of Origin) and D.O.C.G (controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of origin). They with the amount the ingredients are controlled and exact. Starting with the least controlled to the most controlled.

After lecture we went to Eatly Florence were we looked around and had a taste testing of slow food. A type of cheese, a whole grain bread with oil, eucalyptus honey form a black bee, strawberry jam from endangered strawberries. They all were amazing but I would have eaten that whole jar or honey if I could have. Oh, and the bread was fa-nominal.

We than went to the market to get ingredients for our dinner later! And then went to go to lunch at Ganzo. A red Chianti wine, a grilled apricot and honey salad with almonds and a roasted duck with an eggplant puree and onions which i had no idea what they did to it but it was amazing!!! (and it was all free used my student card!)

After we came home a took a well deserved siesta to wake up and make dinner!!! and play some euchre( im getting pretty good 🙂 )IMG_3246


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