My name is Katherine Odykirk, I go by Kate. I was born and raised in Mt. Pleasant MI. I have two wonderful parents and an older brother and younger sister.  XcountryMy favorite color is blue (any kind of blue), I love lions, and making people smile. Leadership isn’t just something you do on occasion, but a way of life. A life which I have chosen to live, and am blessed to have.IMG_0520

Kate Odykirk is inspired by life. Every day she wakes up ready to take whatever comes her way, because in life, everything happens for a reason. Every roller coaster is all a part of the journey. She chooses to smile at the world and not let the world change her smile.hungarian falls   Kate’s family and friends are a huge part of her life. They challenge her, support her and love her unconditionally. She has no idea who she would be without them. Her grand plan is to impact grad ball 10lives, to spread as much SMILE as she can. Show the world that happiness is the only way.las in the D 27smile 3


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