STELLA - quote1Goals are the best way to getting where you want to go for your life. They are like stepping stones to get there. Its how you’ll live a happy life. There are the dreams that can come true. You grow up with simple goals such as get through High School with good grades, to get into the college you want, which are great goals but when you start to branch out your mind and start setting more specific goals is when they truly start to play a huge role.They are what keep you working through the hard times, saving up every penny you have. They force you to keep moving forward. They are a constant reminder that you can’t stand still. I’m learning in college that you have to have more than just the “normal/simple goals”. You need to have goals that will enrich your quality of life and push you out of your comfort zone to your limits. Your goals will push you to find the courage to achieve you goals.

Bucket list goals: (still in the making)

Travel : Ireland, Rome, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Alaska, Hawaii, Brazil (Rio),

Go to all 50 states

Go white water rafting

Backpack through Europe

Swim with Dolphins

Hang Glide

Have a beach house on lake Michigan

Complete my bucket list


Graduate college in  at most 4 years (2017/2018)

Be on the Deans list for all four years of college

Graduate with a degree in Human Resources, and minor in Leadership.

Be a four year CMU Cheerleader

Have a leadership position in Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity  on campus.

Be highly involved with the Leadership Institutes K-12 programs all four years of college.

Study abroad

Go on an alternative break

Get an internship

Find who I want to be as a person

Employment/Career/ Future:

Be happy with who I am

Change peoples lives

Have a career helping people develop into better business leaders

Start a company that embodies the development of principled, ethical leaders

Get married to the man of my dreams

Start a family

P.S. these goals are changing everyday based on what life throws at me. They will always be evolving, adding on and becoming more specific (SMART Goals)


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