I’ve have been blessed to be presented with many different kinds of opportunities as well as personal characteristics that I’ve been able to develop into many skill. Through my high school experience and now into college I’ve had the opportunities to gain new skills as well as grow previous ones to new levels. Talking first about the skills I have been growing to new levels. Through my extensive participation in high school through an organization known as BPA (Business Professionals of America), which my team in Small Business Management is nationally ranked. Through that experience competing in business related events I have obtained advanced skill in public speaking and strategic planning. Learning to prepare a presentation and various supporting documents for four years has grown to be an invaluable skill.

 Also through high school I participated for four year in competitive and sideline cheerleading. Cheer has been and always will be the reason I am who I am. It has taught me life lessons I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. It formed me to be mentally and physically tough, to never give up, trust, determination and a multitude of other positive characteristics. In short cheerleading, a sport I’ve had the opportunity to continue at a college level has made me through and through a hard worker and a team player. I’ve had other team experiences but by far cheerleading was the main contributor to the hard working team oriented person I am today.

Having such a deep passion and knowledge of a sport and my innate leadership mentality coaching came naturally and became something I enjoyed immensely. No the t only was I captain my senior year. Working alongside my teammate to reach our goal and to push us. I was given the opportunity to help alongside the JV coach and help coach the Junior Varsity cheer coach with helping her team push to new limits and reach their goals. Even through college I go back to the gym whenever I get the chance to help coach the girls to reach their highest potential. IMG_1013

Coaching/teaching is a skill I love and has continued to grow into college as I’ve had the opportunity to facilitate K-12 programs within the Leadership Institute. Facilitation, coaching and teaching to me all intertwines. It’s a skill that comes naturally to me but through my life have had opportunities to branch that skill through many outlets. K-12 being one of them in which school from all over the state come to CMU (or we come to them) and we work with the students on growing and harnessing their leadership through leadership activities and debrief conversation. Being involved in this program has been one of the largest highlights of my first year at CMU. I’ve been able to see my facilitating, coaching, teaching whatever you want to call it first-hand. Through the activities and discussion I run I get to watch the student’s minds open to the possibilities of themselves in leadership.

 I’ve always had a desire to be a professional event planner and through high school I had small opportunities to put together and plan small events. Yet, when coming to college I’ve been able to utilize this growing skill more and more through various opportunities. Such as my Grad Ball lead team and bringing an academic speaker to the LI, and working to help carry out at large mass cheerleading camps. Event planning is a skill that I’m excited to grow more.

Some skills that I have always had and used not necessarily to its highest capacity are skills such as writing, organization and mediation/listening. Through my whole life I’ve always been told I am a god writer. I never believed everyone, I just knew that I always felt like I had the right thing to say but could never could get it out the way I wanted readers to read it. Not unit li came to college did I actually feel as if I finally started to push my skill in writing to the next level. I am learning to enjoy it, become quicker at it, and feel like my words are being interpreted the way I plan. It’s another skill in the works and I’m excited to grow. The same goes for my organization it is a skill that I always strived to utilize and my personality is one that like thing to have a place but I would always fall a little short. Not until my senior year in high school and freshman year of college did my skill of organization start to truly become successful. I’m proud of the growth in my organizational skills.

 Last but surly not least is my skills in mediation and listening. All my life I’ve been know at the “mother” of the friend group. I was always the one to be prepared with the one thing that was needed but no one would think to bring. I’m always to one to have the shoulder to cry on or the right words to put the minds at ease. Still throughout college I’m the mediator in issues, the voice of reason or the listening ear for the venting. I have a natural urg to console, teach, spread happiness, smiles, hugs, love and be very level headed rock in loved ones lives. I have always believed in calm communication to working out issues and to spread happiness and positive outlooks on life. That skill is one I grow every day and is one I am honored to hold.

 Throughout the past year in college I have grown so many skills that all play into my leadership. Growing and finding these new skills has helped me every day find who I am as a leader and grow to be a better leader every day. A persons skills are everlasting and ever evolving. The only way to grow and find new skills is to take advantage of all the opportunities you can!

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